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We are NOT looking for Summer students. 

How do I Join Samis+Company?

Grades count, but it’s all about fit.

We are a diverse group of people with varied interests and backgrounds. Naturally, we are looking for students who will fit our culture (i.e., people who we would want to see on a regular basis).

We seek applicants who have a demonstrated interest in civil litigation and who have the appropriate courses/work experience to support that role. If this sounds like you, and you believe that you would contribute to our dynamic practice and culture, we would like to hear from you.

To whom do I send my application?

Send your cover letter, resume, transcripts (undergraduate and law school), and reference letters by e-mail:

Our Student Program

We have a robust student program and our students regularly represent insurers and policyholders in small claims court matters. We embrace growth from within. Over the last 10 years, many of our students have stayed with us following their call to the Ontario Bar.

As a Samis+Company articling student, you will get deep into the trenches. You will receive hands on experience and a higher degree of responsibility in all aspects of the litigation process than you could expect from many other firms. You will also have the opportunity to work closely with all of our lawyers and buy us really nice gifts on our birthdays.

Too many firms use their articling students exclusively as research robots. We think those firms should hire researchers, not articling students. At Samis+Company, you will do research; however, you will also get immersed in the litigation process and procedure. You will:

  • Handle a large number of Small Claims Court files and deal with our clients on those matters.
  • Draft pleadings and Factums.
  • Draft responses and assist us at arbitrations at the LAT.
  • Draft Affidavits of Documents.
  • Attend with us at client interviews and strategy meetings.
  • Attend with us and assist us at examinations for discovery.
  • Prepare motion materials and attend at motions.
  • Prepare mediation materials and assist us at mediations.
  • Prepare settlement materials, including full and final release documents.
  • Prepare pre-trial materials and assist us at pre-trials.
  • Participate in preparing for trials and assisting us at trials.
  • At the end of your articles, you’ll look back and be amazed at how much practical experience you received!

Finally, no articling experience is complete without socializing! As a Samis+Company articling student, you will join us at our frequent lawyer meetings and post-meeting dinners. You will also join us at our annual fall retreat, holiday parties, client events and ski trips.

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