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We know insurance! Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in the following areas:

Commercial General Liability Claims

We defend your policy-holders in commercial general liability claims spanning a wide variety of areas, including fire losses, oil spills and construction losses. Claims of this nature require significant technical skills over a broad range of losses. We have the experience and expertise to manage claims of this nature, as well as a deep bench of experts to call on as needed.

Bodily Injury Litigation

Our lawyers have experience in all aspects of motor vehicle bodily injury litigation in Ontario. We have a thorough understanding of the threshold for pain and suffering damages in Ontario, the large body of law interpreting the threshold over the last twenty years and the interplay between first- and third-party compensation systems. We work with recognized science and medical experts to obtain opinion evidence where necessary and provide strategic counsel to help our clients manage risk.


We have experience acting as coverage counsel for both insurers and corporate policyholders. We provide coverage opinions with respect to a variety of types of insurance coverage, including liability, property, errors and omissions, automobile, and fidelity bonds. We have also litigated insurance coverage cases at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Appeal, addressing a diverse range of coverage issues. Our coverage lawyers also publish and speak regularly on the interpretation of insurance policies.

First-Party Accident Benefits Claims

Ontario’s first-party auto compensation framework has undergone major change on several occasions since 1990. Our lawyers have skillfully guided Ontario’s property and casualty insurers through those changes.

Priority and Loss Transfer Disputes Between Insurers

Ontario’s Insurance Act contains priority and loss transfer rules that address which insurer is responsible for paying first party benefits to a claimant in any given case. Disputes between insurers are resolved through private arbitrations pursuant to the Arbitration Act, 1991. This is an active area of insurance-related litigation unique to Ontario and our lawyers have expertise and a strong track record in this area.


Subrogation requires a distinct and different skill set from the defence of liability, coverage or property claims. Our firm has a strong track record in advancing subrogated claims on behalf of its clients, bringing a practical and common-sense approach to subrogation. Above all else, we ensure that insurers don’t throw good money after bad in pursuing claims where liability facts are poor and target defendants cannot satisfy a judgment.

Premises Liability

We act for a number of different insurers and institutions who self-insure property and casualty risks in premises liability matters. Claims of this nature require general bodily injury law expertise as well as an understanding of commercial leasing contracts and overlapping injury reparation systems. We understand the legislative framework, common law principles and contractual risk shifting that inform the defence of premises liability claims.

Property Losses

We act for insurers in first-party claims advanced by their insureds when disputes arise in the course of adjusting a loss, whether the issue is one of coverage or valuation. We understand that claims advanced by insureds can present special risks to an insurer for extra-contractual damages. We keep this issue at the forefront in handling claims of this nature.

Additional Expertise

In addition to expertise in specific areas of insurance law, we also provides clients with counsel on issues such as policy wording and endorsements, underwriting strategies, government relations and media information requests.

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